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Artists to watch out for - come 2017

gospel artists to watch out for in 2017

They have emerged and done some great projects this year and the heavens have opened up for them and it’s so sad that the year has come to an end but yet so grateful the new one has started. Apart from the obvious ones (Coopy Bly, Robinsan, Levixone, Holy Keane, Ruyonga, etc), here is a group of artists that I strongly believe will rock come 2017 only if they remain plugged into the source of their music “God”.

Fortune Spice

He started gaining enormous air play with Daala, that’s early this year and since then, he has never looked back. Daala exposed Fortune Spice to mostly urban youth and different radio stations evidenced by the interviews that he was offered. After then, he dropped Making Jesus Famous which was/is also not a disappointment. This increased on his publicity not only to the urban but to the downtown audience as well. Kulukuta which he did with Coopy Bly that also touched thousands of lives regardless of their age wasn’t a disappointment either. He wrapped up the year with Nanyini Kampala which I would say a 2016 song but rather a 2017 hit. With 3 hit songs in one year (Daala,Making Jeusus famous and Nayini Kampal), I believe Fortune Spice has a lot more to offer.

Blox Musta

This former muslim brother is actually doing well. He has 3 songs so far to his name that he has released: Kanjantule, true friend and the latest aja kubikola. Looking at the three songs, you can tell that a brother will deliver much more come 2017. His songs are rich in content with good vocals and productions though some say that he sounds like Levixone. I believe ajakubikola is not the climax of his career but the God Lord who started the good work in him is able and more willing to take it to the end.

Mc Rabbi

He is based in Kenya but have this year gained a fan base in Uganda. The Ugandan audience fell in love with his Christian Daughter and demanded to see him perform live. It came to pass, the brother crossed the borders and came over for the ignite experience which was organized by the Gospel Lounge Night and The Gospel Music Promoter(GMP) where he unleashed other songs like praise Him, work out which are still working out for some of us. He was the main act of the night. With the energy he showcased, I strongly believe that Rabbi is able and capable to deliver more come 2017.


I call her the “woman of steel” who has struggled her way up and she is not look back. She has her head up. She has done well this year but I believe among the artists who am watching out for next year, she is also on the list. She is unpredictable, prayerful and playful. This will help her up or maintain but what I know is that she’s not backing down. We are waiting for more vibes from her come 2017.

Bond Ug

He is a member of the Abel 4 singing group who is also doing his solo projects. If you have danced to “Melodies” then you know what I am talking about. He is the brain behind the song. With this song, he has been able to pick a nomination in the VIGA awards. The good news is that he is working on a fresh single with Fortune Spice and hopefully it will be released come 2017. So among the artists that we anticipate to do well come 2017, he is on the list too. Bond, don’t let me down please!

New Chapters Africa.

They have been there but have not been doing as good as this year. From doing Binji and spending much on the video, these musical brothers prove that next year they are heading to the top. Rumor has it that they shot their Nabibuse video from South African and its dropping next year (2017). This convinces me to believe that these brothers come next year; they won’t remain where they are now. I mean they are heading to top.

Baby Gloria

She has her sweet voice behind Mix and Mingle by Tonny Smart featuring all-stars, Save a life which she did with Levixone, DNA with Ruyonga and her single God win. Truth is: this has transformed her from the baby we used to know to who she is now. These songs have won her fans of different age groups and different walks of life and I do believe if she continues working in this same Spirit, Gloria will head to the top as well but remember she has to read books too.


He is a producer at Trace music studios and the main man “Slim beat connection” He has backed up ajakubikola and Eka for Blox Musta and Fortune Spice respectively, he did nkwambale with Fortune Spice and currently singing with the Harmonics Brother an acapella group and also singing with B.I.B entertainment. Benji has a song “Njigiriza” out which is an RnB acoustic fussed song. Listening to the song allows you pep  into the brother’s future thus the future starts now. Unless he fails to balance other business with his musical career, he won’t disappoint.

John Marie.

Ho! This brother sung one of my favorite songs “Nsiima”. He is a musical producer, sound engineer, songwriter, singer and ….. I believe this brother has got the potential to do even more come next year and meand you are looking towards that. I will not say much about him. Let’s just keep our finger crossed.

Lena Price

I prefer calling her the “Dolly Gal”. She has also had a great year with songs like I am light, battery low, biratangaza and many more. This lady is just unpredictable. She’s got the talent, the skills, the vocals and yes! the dance moves(Remember the Ignite Experience at Lugogo Baptist Church) and above all she got a God. With this, I can assure you that watch out for Lena Price Music 2017. You won’t be disappointed.

 D Reign rumor has it that he is to travel outside the country probably outside Africa for further studies. If it’s true then he is most likely to get less or no time for music unless he does enough of it to cover up for the period that he is to spend in Diaspora otherwise he is one of the guys am looking forward to come 2017.

This was my pick I know they are many artists out there but all we should do is keep our eyes open, fingers crossed and open our ears to feed on what all our gospel artists are to feed us on. The arrangement of artists above is just random and not based on priority. Thank you and happy New Year.




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