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VIGA MUSIC AWARDS 2016, Why Some Artistes are Missing, Nomination Criteria and full List of Nominees

Viga music awards 2016 nomination criteria and why some artiates are missing

Some of us expected our favorite artistes to be nominated and we were waiting just to start voting for them. well, allow me say sorry if the artistes you felt should feature/appear on the list didn't make it. I contacted the organizers of the VIGA MUSIC AWARDS and they shared on how they came up with that list of artistes who were nominated and here is what they had to say.

 It's a pleasure that you seek clarification on the VIGA process. However, we would wish to categorically clarify that no artistes must always appear in any awards world over, it's only when they meet the standards of the criteria set by the awarding body. So we have no excuse for any artistes missing out or being on the list, our criterion is objective and applies to everyone equally. 


  • We send out forms to media houses and request them to propose three names for nomination per each category. Number one gets 3 points, number two gets two points and numbers three gets 1 point. After tallying the top four go to next level.
  • Second criteria we call public nomination window where the public propose and forward names of their artistes they would like to see nominated. These are censored and categorized and forwarded to next level
  • Then last criteria is especially for artistes who feel the media never game good attention. These fill forms and submit their works in audio and video. Our technical panel listens and/or watches and tallies as in criteria one. The top four per category are forwarded to next level.
  • The final phase evaluates music nominees from the media, public nomination and submitted works to come through with the final list which we then forward for voting.

Therefore whoever isn't on the list, probably didn't convince our standards. And also for your attention, we don’t consider artistes' personalities, but rather their music done in the eligible period in consideration.

Its all clear now.To vote for your artists/songs, type VIGA(space) the code then send to 8888 , for example type VIGA 1 (and sms it to 8888).

From me to you, Happy Festive season and may your artistes win and its only through your support.




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