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Viga Music Awards 2016 : How To Nomitate and Events Time Table

Its around this time of the year when the best in the Gospel Music Industry are recognised for their tremendous works. The VIGA (Victoria Gospel Academy) music Awards for 2016 which were launched in september, are here yet again and this time with the theme United in Ministry for social Transformation.

Official Document

Its also clear that The 2016 VIGA Music Awards are to support the Deaf project. Those who are not privileged to listen to music being supported by music. This sounds to be a good thing.

Events Time Table

How to Nominate / Be Nominated

Type Nomin, Artiste Name and Song and send to 8888

The Public Nominations close on 15th, November 2016

The VIGA Music Awards Website:

VIGA Music Awards Categories

  1. Artiste of the Year
  2. Male Artiste of the Year
  3. Female Artiste of the Year
  4. Acapella Category
  5. HipHop/Rap Category
  6. RnB/Soul/Jazz Category
  7. Dancehall/Ragga Category
  8. Tecno/Hose/Rock
  9. Kadongo Kamu Category
  10. Afro Pop/Afro Beat
  11. Best Foreign Category
  12. Afristyle/Soukous/zouk
  13. Reggae category
  14. Documentary
  15. Traditional Music Category



This Week's Top Song

Way Maker mp3 | Sinach
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