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Barbara Kayaga Not pleased with the winning act of East Africa's got talent

Barbara Kayaga is professional musician and vocalist who started her music journey as part of the Africa Children's choir. She is best known for her hit songs like Kampala, Africa, Rising, Smile Again (Action Aid), and Siyabonga (thank you) among others.

Barbara is also a co-founder of the Siyabonga foundation, an NGO what helps school going girl children with basic needs and mentors them musically.

Following the recently concluded East Aftica's got talent show, this is what she had to say in a facebook post.

I'm as proud to be Ugandan as the next guy but honestly and I'm saying this in the nicest way possible....are you freaking kidding me?
....we celebrate mediocrity and tell people how amazingly gifted they are even when they dont bring their A game or worse yet have  not a single lick of talent to save their souls.
Honesty is a potion we should try taking every now and again, if you hear someone singing and they ain't  good let them know before they run off  to torture the rest of humanity. 
Please spare the rest of us who have to painfully endure five minutes that seem like an eternity of pure hell as they screech and scream their way through a song. 
Abalokole I'm talking to you especially.....we've encouraged mediocrity....calling Sunday school children up on Sunday morning to sing in church with half of them having no clue why they're up on stage....if you can't go the whole nine yards and  train them or choose kids that actually have some talent let it be! 
Yes I know what I'm talking about I train children to sing and dance for a living! Don't take it out in public if its half baked!
And please don't quote the cuteness either can sing or you can't! my ears dont care about your looks just your voice go to a beauty pageant!
Lastly talent alone ain't enough if we lack the discipline to push ourselves til we're the best at what we do, there's always room for improvement and if you have doubts stay home please!
I bet you're wondering .....what I'm going on about...
I'm still recovering from the worst rendition of  "There can be miracles" on EAGT...I heard car tires screeching,horns blaring,sheep bleating and what sounded like a war between rats and cats; oh and someone throwing a pig down an elevator shaft! Yes this all happening simultaneously nonstop in the space of four minutes!  And then a standing ovation after the  nightmare ended....
I love children, children are beautiful and you'll be amazed how strong children are especially when you speak truth to with all the love I possess in my heart.....I'm fervently hoping and praying I never have to endure another earsplitting experience from that cherubic dual.
I'm out....



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