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Twina Herbert with a two in one musical alert | Byona Bibyo Audio Out/ Video Coming soon!!

Sabisanira, Ajjakola, are some of those heart-throbbing songs from the iconic Ps. Twina Herbert a worshipper and a recording artist whose music speaks life and is a celebrated minister as well which makes him stand credible in this industry. He has stood a taste of time with regard to influencing and impacting.

Away from the previous we come to the present, here is his freshest debut hit single out and about and available,
Byona Bibyo Audio Out a song that acclaims "All things belong to God with our lives inclusive" we should never at one point boast of anything cause God owns ALL THINGS and at the end of it all it all goes back to God Almighty.

Byonna bya Katonda ffe ku nsi tulibawanika

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