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Andrea Presson and Cooper: Mukama Asobola Audio

These two musical gems teaming up is just but an amazing thing ever, it is simply incredible a musical merge.

Andrea Presson is a prolific songwriter and Vocalist with a profound and influential music background with a couple of both International and National collaborations and ones that have held a high sense of regard to the airwaves and music charts. She is a gifted lady btw!!
In the same way, Cooper Ssali is a dynamic Urban Afro-beat gospel recording artist and the mastermind and founder behind the phenomenal gospel crew the G-Way and together with them they have marked gospel music greatness with songs like Big God, One in a million, Emigugu, Sibuwuliranga to mention but a few!!!

with that said, ladies and gentlemen, this time round its not G-Way featuring rather the diva herself Andrea Presson
Get ready to have this particular audio throb your hearts.




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