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Congratulations Denis Duke | former urban Tv new anchor joins Next Media (Nbs Tv)

About yesterday Mr Denis Duke former Urban Tv news anchor officially joined one of the leading tv station in Uganda NBS TV and in his words Duke said " Today I officially join NBS TV, a subsidiary of Next Media Services. (After a one month initiation period)
For me this is God. But also Thank you to some people who've always  believed in me. (I won't mention them today.

Its time to advance my career as a professional Journalist. To the audience I serve. Expect more and better.
Going with NBS TV tagline, I will always be here and ready to serve you.
Today I don't just Join a new workplace, but I join a team of very professional, hardworking and team players....

To Urban TV.. Thank you for giving me a platform. But as usual a child grows and he leaves home. So thank you for naturing me.
Today I leave home and face new challenges..

So help me God..." Here at GMP Promotions we believe in growth and change for better so we just wish you the best



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