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Hon Judith Babirye pushing on great; Nywera New Audio

Judith Babirye is an amazing gospel music icon whose journey can still be traced right from the time she sung Yesu beera nange, Mpulira Yesu, Number one, Jangu to mention but a few on some of her hit singles from way back then, to date her songs still have a place in several worship sessions for different churches around Uganda and beyond. She is an amazing worshipper who loves what she does more so doing it for God.

To date she has not forgotten who called her and that is God, she is a certified Honourable Member of Parliament of Uganda but that has not retarded her from keeping on and on in her music ministry and that is why; 
She is still releasing music to bless souls of God's people.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is her latest vibe dropping on monday: Nywera Audio 

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