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Kirk Franklin's New Album; Long Live Love is Now available

Kirk Franklin is one of those Internationally celebrated gospel music icons/sensations, he has been in this game long enough and he has won a couple of awards/Grammy awards, he has written several albums, co-written with a couple of artists and inspired many who to date look up to him greatly. He is a LEGEND.

Some of the songs; Why we sing, Awesome God, Revolution are some of his old time classics that you could be knowing, some of those songs that are timeless cause to date they still resound greatly on various airwaves and music charts/countdowns this simply paints one picture among the many that this man of God is a blessing and an anointed Worshipper and Worship leader.

He is the man behind this program Sunday Best, one that looks out for talent and to inspire and help that talent grow, working closely with the likes of Yolanda Adams, Ps. Donnie McClurkin, to mention but a few. He is a gifted man.

Ladies and gentlemen, we've gotten some good news for you
Some fresh new vibes from the legend himself, its a full album that you need to look out for and be blessed just like the rest of us.
Its the #LongLiveLoveAlbum available on Apple Music and for Pre-Order this gives you two tracks immediately.
1.  F.A.V.O.R (Unreleased)
2.  Love Theory
3.  Idols (Unreleased)
4.  Just For Me
5.  Father Knows Best (Unreleased)
6.  OK |
7.  Strong God (Unreleased)
8.  Forever / Beautiful Grace (Unreleased)
9.  Spiritual (Unreleased)
10.  Wynter's Promise (Unreleased)



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