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Backyard Studios Presents Ekkubo Audio by Andrea Presson and Coopy Bly its on the coming soon!!!

Both of them are highly accredited Singers and Songwriters, recording artists and highly phenomenal in this the gospel music.

Andrea Presson is a renown vocalist, songwriter and singer 
Formerly a gold track entertainment signed singer and she has featured on a couple of amazing collabos both Local and International. She is the lady behind songs like Gwe liiso, I surrender, Bayambe, Chosen one, Gumpaludde and then the recent and most trendy one Amazzi G'obulamu 
All her songs are just very amazing and they speak a lot to someone's life once they get listening in. She is a go-getter and her musicality is off the schizo!!! So her teaming up with Coopy bly i know this is gonna bring on awesomeness just..

Coopy Bly is a sensation and gospel music dancehall gem
the man behind songs like Nyweza ft. Katalina, Kilo, Onkyalirangako, Guruka, Beautiful God to mention but a few.
He is the C.E.O at BackYard Studios and a happily married man to Ann Marie. He is a very gifted Songwriter and very creative, his musicality is more in the crafting of the lyrics, this has put him on a level of great professionalism and so his music ain't just good production and beats thereof, it speaks life.

This mash up is a "must wait for!!!"



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