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New Vibe from the Lota house | Mag44 & Pompi

These two musical gems from Zambia just but do it well like no other, both of them are amazing songwriters and they are iconic in this game. They all from the Lota house musical academy and their music does play on a couple of airwaves both within and out of their origin country.

Pompi commonly known as the "African eagle" known for songs like Mulungu samagona, No rent, Mizu, No rent, mention but a few and to him he normally echoes to himself as a "a tap" meaning out of him flows waters of life and this he relates to his music and why he does the music that he does. 
So him teaming up with Magg-44 who is more of a hiphop kinda affiliated musical gem, this is gonna be a great jam i suppose.

Watch closely for it drops here tomorrow!!!



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