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The Long Awaited Studio by D reign is finally here | House Of D Reign

The Long Awaited Studio by D Reign is finally here well equipped and he has called it the   House Of D reign.

From the time of infantry to now being birthed is this Recording studio, which has gone through stages of construction bit by bit, step by step and now here it is in its fullness, its the "House of Dreign" amazing and sophisticated state-of-the-Art for great and incredible production.

Dreign a.k.a Dalton Nyesigomwe is a Christian Music Producer so prolific, Singer and Songwriter and instrumentalist, whose journey to becoming the awestruck gospel music icon and sensation that he is today is one of just but a big testimony. Dreign is a living testimony, one whose life as a believer has gone through fiery trials and temptations, he once was one of those dopest secular music producers and that he had made a name there but God did not dim it fit for him to stay there, and so he hand-picked on him, brought him forth and so to this day he does serve with his gift but in the right spheres, ones that are delighting in the eyes of God and befitting to the edification of the Kingdom of God. 
Owing to the fact that he is a producer with the talent as well as skill of production, God has blessed him with his very own studio, its the House of Dreign which is 99.9% now available.
With a Christian affiliation, this should be one of those studios that is gonna be frequented more often.

Get ready!!!

More details will keep loading....



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