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Sseku Martin's Mwooyo Otuuse Album Out and Available

He is way older than most of the gospel artists in Uganda and his music journey is one worth hearing if you are to listen to it inform of a story. The Legendary Sseku Martin has been in this music game for close to 20 years now and its just recently when he celebrated the 20 years of Gospel music at the Kampala Serena Hotel that brought forth thousands of attendees and the place was packed to capacity, with amazing memories drawn from his long time timeless hit songs like Koona, Nasuze mukidongo, Siritya to mention but a few!! and i must say this wonderful man of God still has his A game and going strong and more harder at it.

Following to that, Sseku Martin is now a Producer in addition to being a sensational singer and songwriter, and now he is the C.E.O of Sseku Records Studio and he now does production of both his own songs and those of other artists. He has kept the "achiever's eye and heart" to this music ministry, he equally does testify that " my music is not just because I am a gifted songwriter but i download my music from throne of grace, i am inspired by the holy spirit and most of my songs i have gotten from dreams, and i find myself when i wake up singing them"

This can literally tell you what kind of music you need to expect from the legend himself, not just any kind of music but one that has a breath of God upon it.
So this year of 2019, he has begun it off in a way more stronger way and that is with the release of his 10-track Album dubbed #MwooyoOtuuse and on this one, comes songs like Madaala, Kiri kitya, He is better, Mbala Naku among others and i must confess and say, "you need a copy of this amazing music" you listening in to them wont leave you the same, your life is gonna be engrossed with blessings.

So the Album is available and surely we shall have these songs reach you.



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