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Fresh from the Dynamic and Sensational Blended Live Band; Yesu Owekisa Audio Out

One of those bands actually Christian bands here in Uganda that have registered success when it comes to authentic gospel music and it has played on airwaves, not one or two but on several, touching hearts of many and leading many back to the LORD.

This very band is one that nurtured our very own renown Worship Leader, award winning songwriter Ps. Brian Lubega, it is from this very band that he came through to step solo and start pursuing a solo music ministry, it is the same band that literally backed up his entire first album of #Nungamya and still is the one working with him up to date, i must say it is a blessed band.

In the year 2017, they released their first album through a concert dubbed #Abeerawo and still the same title of the album that they released with songs like Abeerawo, Webale to mention but a few, with seamless vocals, amazing harmonies and great music with awesome dynamics, you get to hear them sing and you are blessed from the word go!! this band in the same sense has featured several great gospel artists, on a couple of great stages and several invitations by churches to lead them into worship, and their name has actually gone before them amazingly.  

And now with the silence, i suppose they were cooking something fresh for us and the fact that we are in 2019, we can literally say that this newly birthed "musical baby" must be one of the reasons why they have been in the "silence"

Well here is their latest audio dubbed #YesuOwekisa out and available, grab a copy for yourself and be blessed just like we.



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