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He needs no introduction. Does he?

For starters, He is behind songs like Nonya Omu, Esaala, Ani, turn the replay just to mention but a few. Turn the replay in particular is his biggest hit that has seen him go places, share stages with dominate names in the mainstream industry both home and abroad.

Levixone is at it again! Since he released turn the replay, he has not looked back yet. His zeal of doing more good music that’s inspirational led to his new cool ballad “More Blessings”.

 In the song, Levixone prays God blesses him more and more. He goes further on to call blessings to come to him. In one of the verses, Levixone declares “Every Good and Perfect gift is from you” Chronilces 16:​​​​​​11-12 . He declares how his going out and coming in are blessed, how he is blessed in village and town. He stretches further and says the blessing that God gives cannot be stolen, bewitched nor tricked around. Even the renown trickstars(wolves in sheep clothe) can never trick God’s blessing. . Surely I can’t exhaust the song but grab a copy and I’m sure you will be blessed

What makes the song tick is the maturity of  the content therein that Levixone shows is on another level. The lady who featured (Joan Dash) does an amazing job: hitting the notes perfectly with her angelic vocal power. Nessim Pan Production delivers extremely well. The fact that he’s one of the finest producers we have, his touch on this seals the deal.

 *Inspiration to draw from this particular song* 

 Never settle for less!

 Keep asking for more and more blessings. Do not let the current situation you are in now make you think you made it in Life. God still has a lot in store for you that He’s waiting for you to ask. Remember scripture tells us to “ask and we shall receive”

Enjoy the song as you pray for more and more blessings

 _Step out bold_ !

Yes make those bold steps. Whatever you venture in, be reminded that God goes before you so all you do is walk through his finished work.

Add yours in the comment box below.

More Blessings.



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