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Ethel Ahura Ft Morgan Isaac ; Addictive Video Out and about

From moments of her as a humble dreamer, she has what we call a "go-getter" passion and she follows after it to win enormously thereof, she never gives up till she wins the battle.

Ethel is one of those gospel music ministers who have chosen to stay determine with bravity and courage, to flip open zones that others have dubbed "No go zones" and through this all she has been able to see light at the end of the tunnel. Following her being nominated as the "Rising female Artist" for the VIGA Awards 2018 this shore a ray of hope with a strong beam of light to make her pursuit for greatness more validated.

Here is her latest project, teaming up with one of Uganda's cream de la cream in the gospel music Industry, Morgan Isaac in a video dubbed Addictive one you all need to watch out for.

#Addictive simply means; something you get so acquainted of and about in that when you have it not you cannot live on, you feel like there is not life in the inside of you, your are lifeless. In this regard, we are addictive to Jesus Christ and his Word and his love for us, without him we are nothing, we can do nothing and we are left to losing and destruction. You and I need Jesus in our lives and we also need to know that He authors our lives, without Him we are nothing



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