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Singer Kyagulanyi S now an advocate in the Ugandan Courts of Law

A lot of potentials reside in the inside of us and until we purpose to digging them out, then its so sad we might sign out of this world with questions of "Why why why?????" but hey! there is always time to discover when one devotes him or herself to it.

We all know the famous, longtime, legendary Singer and Songwriter, producer so dynamic and a recording artist so prolific *Sylver Kyagulanyi* [VIEW PROFILE]. Remembered for songs like Olunaku Luno among others.

Its today on the 23rd of January 2019 that the Ugandan government alongside the Courts of law have endorsed him as an Advocate of the Ugandan Judicature and so this should open our eyes that one should not settle for less or even think that perhaps one gift can suffice everything coz you never know what can become a much greater fortune as the years go by.

So please join us celebrate this wonderful milestone with our brother and friend.
This is a big achievement and so our prayers to him that God will enable him make wise decisions, judgements, conclusions with great wisdom and understanding.




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