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Unveiling Limoblaze a Christian Recording Artist and Producer and We are Officially Dropping His Music Tonight

Limoblaze, born on October 25th 1995 is Nigerian born Christian artiste. He discovered his musical abilities at a tender age of 8 when he started singing in the children's church choir.  Untill he came to know and fell in love with the music of Christian rapper Lecrae and later on others like Da Truth, the Ambassador, Trip lee, Kb, Andy mineo, Tedashi, Sho Baraka, swoope, etc.

He found what he described as the spirit of God mixed with love, hope and faith in this Christian rap songs as opposed to the emptiness he always felt inside him after listening to and writing secular songs. And so he changed his musical fashion/message and embarked on a mission to discover and show Christ to the world through his lyrics. He officially started his career as an independent/unsigned recording artist with his 1st song "memories" (dedicated to his classmates) after leaving high school and it was a perfectly enjoyed song by every listener. He went on to record songs like Amazing Grace, Mercy, Unconditional Love, Wrong Ways, Grace Talk (intro), Pain, Misfit, For the King which features an american rapper Los of hga and So Far gone. Also to his credit are a couple of collaborations and freestyle sessions. He promises to keep it coming. Currently a founding member of the Cross Rhythm Music crew of 5, and as we are writing  this he has done collaborations and covers with big artists all over talk about Da'Truth, Mercy Chinwo, Lecrae, Kris Erroh,  Sstedi,  Abel Chungu the list is endless, We are drodding his music tonight here

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