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Coopy Bly and Anne Welcome a NewBorn; Baby Zaabu Malaika

Normally when the new year is setting in, there are a lot of things that happen much more when they are not all the same, differing concepts and activities thereof.

To some it is fire works and lots of noise making, burning of car tyres and onto this they add drinking and drinking until they drop is how they welcome the new year but this is Coopy bly  a.k.a Emmanuel. Kusaasira Edwin and Anne-Marie Reddan Kusaasira did welcome theirs with a healthy bouncing baby girl Zaabu Malaika who was born at exactly 1/01/2019.

we want to welcome this wonderful gift that God has given to these beloved and i know God is gonna use her for his glory.
Children are a gift from God and given of God.
Join us as we celebrate this wonderful soul and we pray that God alone shall teach her.

Scripture says; "Our Children shall be taught of God"

Isaiah 54:13 KJV
And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord ; and great shall be the peace of thy children.




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