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Welcome to 2019

365 days make up the whole year 
12 Months make up the whole year

In these days, we have a lot that happens therein, a lot of positives and negatives, good and bad, bitter and sweet but hey!! all this is part of God's planning and so nothing takes him by surprise and nothing happens when he has no clue about it all we need is to be tuned right so as not to miss out, shut out all other things and pay heed to his voice of instruction.

So as the new year sets in, normally we have people do what we call resolutions and we write these down but how about you get to hear this, set your heart and make it empty, make it cleared up like a plain field and have God do the ploughing so that him alone can know how to deal with all that is set before thee for accomplishment. Resolutions are good however your focus is bound to be diverted if you aint alert and steadfast to his doing.

As GMP Promotions ,we welcome you to 2019, all we can say is that be steadfast and unmovable always abounding in grace and in his wonder working power of love and his word, and watch what unfolds there after, cease or minimise to the least of "your desires" and allow him do his way in you and me.




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