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Brand New Christian TV Station launched

As we all know that media is one of the 7 mountains of Influence and that its usage at some point has been misused by those that literally have no understanding of the potential it does carry and impact thereof hence the misuse of it, but all this does point a challenge to us the children of the light, what we ought to do, get out of our comfort zones and be a blessing by doing the right and needful.

Media is one of the ways with which messages of communication can fast be transfered and given the era we are in, it is increasingly beneficial and paramount that each of us got to understand its nitty gritties, use it for the right reasons, impact and influence the world around us with the matter that saves rather than that which destroys.

Following that, Ps. Isaac Kiweweesi of Kansanga Miracle Centre launched a new television station dubbed Rest TV which implies "Wummula" it literally means to rest, and its agenda and purpose is to pass on messages of rest, we are in the world today that needs a lot of rest, people are so busy with their lives, they hardly rest, and this has birthed a lot of hiccups, desperacy ,stress just because a lot of demands are on and yet without them one can live on peacefully, this TV station is to broadcast on channel.836 for those on GOTV and i can guarantee you that the best is here, tune in and you will be blessed immensely.

All the church programmes will be aired here that includes the lunch hour sessions, and the Sunday services and so this will keep you updated.

Cease from the works of the law and allow God to give thee rest
Heb.4:1-ff talks about "Rest" as one of those things we need to have as Children of God and this will have us win in life in Jesus name. Amen.



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