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Feeding Kosovo Campaign goes to Katanga #Katanga18

You don't need to have a lot to be a giver, it all springs from the heart, a heart that gives will always share the little they have with others owing to the fact that you desire to see a smile on someone's face especially when that person totally has nothing and that they are going through a famine of hope.

Levixone together with 92 Hands join hands every year to step out of their and be a blessing to the less advantaged, those that totally have no hope of how to see the next day in terms of basic needs like food, clothing etc... and so they came up with this big campaign of FeedingKosovoCampaign that happens annually and in this they visit the sick, the old, the totally disadvantaged with hampers to give unto them and give them a walk through the festive season and days after coz normally these people have nothing and so they are given a hope to smile once again. Spearheaded by Levixone the ambassador thereof together with a team of fellow philanthropists they visit various areas and so this time round we had to reach out to the "Katanga Residents"  as you all know this is one of those places unpleasant and unappealing to visit, very disgusting with lots of dirt, and rum shackled houses, in other wards not good looking at all but then these beloved stepped out of their way to go and be a blessing and we bless God for all that happened therein.
Over 400 families fed and given a reason to live 
This is very very heart-warming and so to Levixone and team, we thank God for you and for that big heart and for allowing Him to use you mightily for His glory, these acts of kindness shall forever be counted on you and on these people's hearts and this is delighting in the eyes of God too.

Scripture echoes in;

Ecclesiastes 11:6 KJV
In the morning sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold not thine hand: for thou knowest not whether shall prosper, either this or that, or whether they both shall be alike good.

This literally echoes to us that in all that you do, you are like a farmer that scattereth seed or like an investor who does invests in businesses here and there, any of them can be a spring of endless fortunes.
Same applies to these beloved, different hearts of men and women that are fed, each of them God can use to be a blessing in return in ways He dims it fit. 

So as GMP Promotions we are so proud of you Levixone and your team, Keep soaring and keep doing great for eternity is the limit and God is thy reward.



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