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Many times we miss out on what God has got in stock for us because we keep our eyes on things that are so insignificant and temporal, we punch all our energy thereof and invest time as well and yet the main aspects are "blinded from our eyes" yet they are the main gists of the whole matter.

Now to the main body of this message and that is the "Christmas celebrations" what do you attach to this season?

what comes to your mind and heart as this season draws nigh??
Many of us will say, time to eat and drink, time to hang out with buddies, time to make merry in places of fun and jubilation etc....and i must say this is all okay, very okay however we miss the point somewhat and that is getting the *Reason for the Season* why the day or why Christ Jesus being born in a manger,
This day we ought to grab the revelation of it and walk with it with all understanding. Let us purpose to step out of the routine works, the ritual acts and walk in love. Scripture is clear; "God is love"
1 John 4:8 KJV
He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.
This season is for us to step out of our way and be a blessing, go out there and put a smile of hope and love onto someone's face and heart for this is more remarkable that just food and drink.
When the heart is fully contented, the stomach can even forget what belongs to it, same way, when God is delighted in his heart, these other things are secondary, they amount less so less.

So over to you, have you asked yourself what to do this season?
Have you inquired of God on how to be a blessing?
Or you are in the same boat with many others over the "routine plata"

This Christmas step out of your way, do not look at presents or food or drink as the ultimate reason for the season, no!!! go an extra mile and do something more peculiar, more profound and you will be amazed at the result which God does give and endorse.
Share Christ Jesus and his love to that neighbour of yours who ain't born again, that auntie, granny, uncle, sister, cousin etc....this will on you what man or wealth can add onto you.

As GMP Promotions, we want to take this opportunity to Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Fruitful 2019 
Celebrate with the "Right reason for this season"
We love you all and keep the support tangible as you have always and to us, we will keep bringing you the best and the best for God is our aid in this and His grace is our backbone, faith is our currency and the holy spirit is our navigator.




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