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Kyeeya Video Out courtesy of Zabuli | the Woman of Steel

She is incredibly talented and gifted and she is a phenomenal gospel music minister/artist that today is a force to reckon with every where you go. Her coming onto the scene wasn't that easy or say a "bed of roses" to sail on rather some bit of struggles and redicule that herself didn't know whether she would be the icon of inspiration that she is today, but God is faithful and he does not forget his own, he always remembers and when time is right, things just but happen seamlessly, today she is one of Uganda's female top notch gospel music  sensations whose influence is cutting accross boarders and we celebrate her and bless God for that.

Back to the body of the message, "Kyeeya" is one of her newest releases, its a song that speaks a lot to do with how we ought to bear fruit save the situations, challenges that life does bring our way, we should never at any point in time throw pitty parties rather we ought to stand with boldness call on him and walk in his Word. Kyeeya simply means "famine" a state of complete dryness, nothing like food or water, a devastated situation ,but even in such moments, God is present and ready to work wonders in and through us. This song has gained airplays and so now allow us introduce to you the good news, time to feed the eyes with the video, you can watch the video here KYEYA Mp4




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