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Johnmary's Bad Good News While Unleashing His Official Artwork for Nsiima Festival

Johnmary a famous vocalist has posted this on his social media pladtfoms after a terrible Boat accident which occured about two days ago on Lake Victoria, "Life is so strange but so interesting. I think as a nation we were all saddened by the rate of death tolls over the weekend. It's a pity to bereaved families. It should not be a reason for us to ask God questions like why me but instead ask "what does God want from me ". It all goes back to his plan. As we mourn we need to thank the Lord for his purpose in our lives. I hereby present to you the nsiima festival on the 9th of Dec at the Uganda museum. Let's team up for this cause I believe God is still faithful to us nomatter the situation. God bless you.



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