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Congratulations Pastor Travis Greene

One of the most celebrated International Worship leaders, Songwriters in the Urban Spheres, he has traversed nations with his music and many have re-dedicated their lives to Jesus through his ministry. Travis Greene carries a special anointing through the music that he does and this has made him to be sought after but also one who can be confided in in regard to ministry of worship. He is a tremendous blessing i must say.

So back to the body of the message, Travis a.k.a Travis Montorious Greene was born in the year 1984 on the 17th of January in Delaware, he is an origin of Warner Robins, Georgia
North Carolina Colombia, south Carolina. 
And to the occupation, Travis is a singer, songwriter and Pastor which makes him a versatile servant of God.
Travis is more on genres of gospel, contemporary gospel and he does vocals as well as the guitar and this is one of the reasons why he is able to compose his songs and arrange them too.

Travis carries a very inspirational testimony of how God saw him through his life as young and infant to him being a grown up he is today; so to share a glimpse of it, Travis was a "still born" and this worried everyone that he would never turn out to be what he is today, but as you all know that if God has got the purpose as to why you are born and brought forth to this earth, then he shall surely preserve you and keep you till you accomplish that which he has placed upon your life, so that is what God did and so the Travis you see today he is alive cause God ordained it so. 

To his music ministry, Pastor Travis Greene, has traversed nations and he has written a couple of albums of songs, with each album earning him awards like nothing, he begun off his music ministry in 2007 with his first album being "The More" via Greenlight Records, and on to this he has since then added two albums, one being "Stretching Out in 2010" and "The Hill in 2015" and his third album "CrossOver Live in 2017" this earned him topping billboard charts as number one and also winning himself 2 grammy awards and 13 Stellar Awards which has gained him populance but also many testifying to his amazing music and it being a blessing.

So this brings me to this; The Dove Awards with its 49th Annual Awards and the Icho Group recently decided to come through and congragulate Travis Greene for the *Urban Worship Recorded SongoftheYear* "You Waited" this particular song is a blessing, it speaks of how God is merciful and full of love, 
In this song, Travis writes and says, "Where would I be, If you left me God?" which literally implies that we are nothing without Him, so we need him just like the air we breathe, without him we are breathless and lifeless.

Join us as we congratulate this man of God upon this victory.



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