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Honouring prophets - is it idol worshiping or too much faith?

A sect of christians who refer to themselves as remnants (only true worshippers in the last days) who happen to fellowship from the congregation led by a one prophet elvis mbonye have been criticised by other christians and the general public about the way they express their faith.

First it was the shoe kissing ceremony where the followers had to lay down, kneel, or bow and kiss the shoes of their prophet as a sign of honouring him. They claim the same was done in the old testament.

This got many people criticising these acts.

The controversy also involved some christian artistes who posted on their social media pages that their prophet was a manifestation of Jesus christ in the flesh. Though the artist came out to apologise to the fans that he wasnt ok when he said this.

A follower just posted on their social media account that "I Double Worship And honor The Unmatched Prophet Of Our Time....My Father #MrFuture #Navigator #JesusInAnewBody #NewFaceOfGlory #FatherOfTheMafiaProhet"

The question is whats your say about this? 



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